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Time saving tools

at your fingertips


Are you tired of flipping through a gazillion apps just to get the job done? (So are we.)

Watch our explainer video below!




Set up video and audio alleys, groups and chats for your tribe, client or customers. 



Share your screen. Share files. Share knowledge in less time than a TikTok. 


Putting across your idea, message or mission just got a whole lot easier. 



Time & money. Set up payments and automate invoices with banking services & time management tools.


Promote and sell your products & services without the extortionate fees. Show the world your superpower.


With Wedo, we win when you win. No up front fees or pay to play. We only take a small fee on transactions of 2.9% + 0.30 so that you have the tools you need at a price you can afford.

Time saving tools

at your fingertips

We know what it’s like to start up and run your own
freelance business. You want to serve your clients,
stay in touch and meet them where they are!

Watch our explainer video




Engage your tribe. Use voice or video to speak, listen, watch or teach. Create private or group events. A seamless set of tools without the complicated integrations.


Set up a payment link to your conference. Take and make instream payments. Add subscriptions. Automate your invoices. Deposits go directly into your Wedo account and we issue you a bank card. Hassle-free


Your own social network. Wedo gives you the tools and community to help you grow! Keep your tribe engaged in real-time. Create chat, audio, and video communities. Join Wedo today and enjoy easy network building.