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Six Things Every Freelancer Needs to Know

According to an article published by Business News Daily in December 2021, the gig economy is booming! There is an increased demand for freelancers across different niches and industries with a steady decline in the traditional 9 to 5 jobs.
So, what does it mean to be a freelancer and what are the top things you need to know before you take the plunge?

A Story Of Success, Loss and Redemption

Mike Morawski draws from his own experience as a real estate investor and property manager. In the financial crash of 2008, like most real estate entrepreneurs, aside from losing a significant amount of money, Mike lost a lot more at that time.

Tech with a Conscience

In this week’s episode, we sit with Indiana Gregg, an entrepreneur in the Tech and Creative industries, and the founder of the Wedo app. She talks about the need for the tech industry to grow a conscience and why she is taking a step toward change with the...

FinTech Times Article: Women in Fintech

Fintech Times, 29th October 2021 “I don’t really have financial goals. My goals are all about solving problems. I want to help more people. Money is a by-product of creating value for others. We win when we deliver stuff that helps solve problems for people.”...

Wedotalk with David | Surfing #Epilepsy with Jared Muscat

Jared Muscat has always loved the ocean and surfing, but as a teenager he had his first epileptic seizure and was told to give up the sport he loves. Seizures can be triggered by stress, and Jared tells his inspiring story of coping with epilepsy, his surgery, managing stress, and how surfing has kept him centered.