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I’m Hannah: My time at wedo

I’m Hannah: My time at Wedo In 2020, I was working at a marketing job that did not make me happy. Due to covid, I was let go from my position. What a BLESSING that was. My dear friend works closely with a team of UX designers at his job. He suggested I look into UX

I’m David: My time at wedo

I’m David: My time at Wedo I do … you do … we do … or should I say “Wedo”? What do you do? What do Wedo? What do you do at Wedo? So many questions, and I wonder if a lifetime will be long enough to answer them all. It was Friday June 5, 2020, an otherwise...

I’m Priscila: My time at wedo

Indy and I were in a cafeteria in a Mediterranean town after talking on the phone, mixing languages (English, French & Spanish), and sharing our feeling´s. The cafeteria was called Black Pork, and at first, I thought it might not be a good omen to go to a ham and chorizo bar if I have not eaten meat for more than ten years. I was wrong.