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Interview with Indiana Gregg, CEO and founder of Wedo

Who are you and what business did you start?
My name is Indiana Gregg, and I’m the CEO and founder of Wedo. Wedo is a mobile and web-based social video application that helps people transact and earn online. Wedo lets businesses build their audience, go live in what we call “alleys,” and sell their goods and services with live-streaming payments.

FinTech Times Article: Women in Fintech

Fintech Times, 29th October 2021 “I don’t really have financial goals. My goals are all about solving problems. I want to help more people. Money is a by-product of creating value for others. We win when we deliver stuff that helps solve problems for people.”...

10 Tech Startups to Watch in 2021

The UK’s B2B space is a bright and buoyant place with new technology companies popping up regularly and at speed. Here are 10 startups that have recently appeared on our radar – with some concise analysis of their services and area of interest.