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Brilliance Business Interview with Indiana Gregg

Indiana Gregg has built a successful career as both a performer and a creative tech visionary. She currently serves as the CEO and founder of Wedo, a mobile/web-based social bank & communication drop-in payments application that helps people virtually sell their goods and services in real time.

Startup Stories #37 Wedo Ventures

For “Startup stories with Scaleway”, this week Ethan has a chat with Indiana Gregg, CEO of Wedo Ventures. This new neobank empowers the creator economy by helping them be more efficient with their time and finances. With this solution, freelancers can easily onboard clients from A to Z.

How We Can Find Our Power and Manifest Our Dreams

  Today we are sharing our conversation with Indiana (Indy) Greg who is a 5x founder and creative visionary, about her life and latest passion project, a new online platform called Wedo. In a career spanning over 20 years, Indy has led teams in the tech, fintech, real...

Day In Day Out Podcast

Today on the podcast I was very happy to have on Indiana Gregg who is the CEO and founder of Wedo her journey during the nearly 50 years she has spent on this planet has been full of ups and downs, amazing triumphs, heart-wrenching challenges.