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Digital Media and the Remote Workforce

On February 16, 2022, David interviewed Sharon MacLean, in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Sharon is a communications marketing strategist, founder of WorldGate Media and Co-Founder of Virtual Communication Mastery. Sharon is also an author and publisher and, in the past, worked in mental health.

Personal and Team Well-Being

Brad Reed, originally from London, Ontario, Canada and experienced mental health issues in his teenage years and 20’s. Brad practiced certain modalities to heal his mind and body, appreciating the mind-body connection, integrating mindfulness practices into his life and looking for the most holistic ways to heal.

Finding and Promoting Sobriety and Positivity

James Crystal, entrepreneur, motivational speaker and mental health advocate in Birmingham, England. James tells the story of how he had a safe and loving home life, but while growing up, had some behavioural issues and found difficulty fitting in with his peers.

A Story Of Success, Loss and Redemption

Mike Morawski draws from his own experience as a real estate investor and property manager. In the financial crash of 2008, like most real estate entrepreneurs, aside from losing a significant amount of money, Mike lost a lot more at that time.

PTSD Nearly Killed Me, But It Also Saved Me

David Smith, motivational speaker, mental health advocate and video content creator from Coventry, England. David tells how he was born into a family with an alcoholic mother and an absentee father, how he coped with PTSD after serving on the front line from two tours in Afghanistan.