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Become an ambassador

Become an ambassador

Wedo Brand Ambassadors choose to represent Wedo because they share our values:

We believe in a future where people can work from anywhere, anytime. We believe that Wedo can help create that future, help businesses manage distributed and remote teams, help the gig economy earn properly rather than the current ‘busking’ situation for online workers, and we believe that the future of work is no longer based on an 8 hour day or a 40 hour work week, but rather work is part of our lives and we can choose, when, how long and where we want to work with greater efficiency and a better life balance for people.

We want to help more people help more people. That’s ‘why’ Wedo.

What Does a Wedo

Ambassador do?


  • Use our platform for your business; the whole SaaS suite including wallet 
  • Give useful feedback so we can continue to build an awesome platform that fits your needs. 
  • Communicate our values on social media, to your friends and colleagues.  
  • Create (paid!) content on the Wedo platform; It can be free too – you decide! 
  • You want to help us create a hive of like-minded people coming together to work and support each other.  

What Does Wedo

Do For You?

  • We provide a social video SaaS application that helps you transact and earn online.  
  • A debit card and an account in multiple currencies  
  • Invoicing and tools to stay organize and in touch with your clients and potential customers.  
  • Onboarding and training to use the platform 
  • Featured in our podcast/interview series 
  • Ambassador of the month program & social media shoutouts for Winner(s) 
  • Beta Member Blog page where you can share your blogs 
  • You will be a Beta Member of the 1st generation

So what’s next?

  1. You’ve been saying yes in your mind while reading all this? Then let’s ‘we do’ together.
    Please fillout the questionnaire here.
  2. You have not been saying yes all along? Please read again, we’re sure you would like to be part of a world where everyone has a bank account and earns a fair share of the “pie” for the work they do.
  3. Still not convinced: please reach out to us and let us know how we can make Wedo a fair “playground” for you. We’re always open to suggestions and would love to hear your thoughts!