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I’m Sajal: My time at wedo

I can well relate to the term ‘Wedo’. Yes, we do things together to achieve something great. The concept of Wedo is amazing, as it revolves around creating great opportunities for individuals.

I’m Akash: My time at wedo

Someone was whispering in my ear and saying, “Hey wake up! There’s something special for you!” I woke up and joined work as usual but didn’t get have a clue that something special like ‘Wedo’ was waiting for me.

I’m Hannah: My time at wedo

I’m Hannah: My time at Wedo In 2020, I was working at a marketing job that did not make me happy. Due to covid, I was let go from my position. What a BLESSING that was. My dear friend works closely with a team of UX designers at his job. He suggested I look into UX

I’m Kirsten: My time at wedo

I’m Kirsten: My time at Wedo Indy (the illustrious founder of the Wedo startup sweatshop) and I go back to the time where it would say “singer/songwriter/rockstar” on her CV – if she had one. Last year I listened to her CD for the 1st time in years….  … and a...

I’m Anand: My time at wedo

I’m Anand: My time at Wedo Wedo’- the term is enough to excite me! With ‘Wedo’, it feels like I am really doing something big that can add value to all modern users. It was a very pleasant starting when Indy asked me to be a part of this beautiful journey. I...