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Dan Coyle

Hi, I’m Dan. I’m from Glasgow, Scotland. I’m a builder, a doer and I love a challenge. I started my career about 14 years ago with a stint in banking, exciting and challenging but for me I needed to be more hands on. So, I spent the next years incubating and investing in start-ups for family offices. I’ve been lucky that these have aligned with my passions for tech and renewable energy and have taken me to work on projects in a bunch of exciting places around the world, India, U.S, Western and Eastern Europe.  

I like to get my hands dirty and I’ve spent the last couple of years doing an eco-friendly, energy efficient renovation to an ancient farm-house to call home. When my hands aren’t dirty, you’ll find me in the gym, on a country hike or talking to anybody who’ll listen to me prattle on about cars.