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About Wedo


 Founded by former freelancer Indiana Gregg at the beginning of the COVID pandemic, Wedo removes financial and technical barriers to entry by bringing together the tools for the gig economy, with live streaming video, in-stream payments, webinars, and booking tools with banking services built into one seamless platform. 

Wedo is a social video & audio application that helps people transact and earn online. Mobile and web-based, Wedo lets you build your audience, go live in “alleys” and sell your goods and services with live-streaming payments. Wedo issues a debit card and an account in multiple currencies. Members can send invoices, stay organized, and stay in touch with their clients and potential customers.  

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About Indiana Gregg,
Founder of Wedo

Indiana Gregg has been in tech for 25 years and has launched global applications and worked in both the fintech and the creative industries. Prior to founding Wedo in 2020, she was the founder of Kerchoonz, a social networking website for musicians, as well as several other startups, and she has served as CEO and advisor to several companies. During her time as a freelance designer and web developer, she noticed a real problem for the future of work and the need for a technology to support remote teams, which led to the creation of Wedo.