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Applying for advice from HDFC

Requesting an e-FIRC

HDFC can issue an e-FIRC if your recipient’s bank account is also with HDFC.

You can request an e-FIRC by emailing both [email protected] and [email protected] — make sure to attach the transfer receipt.

If your recipient’s bank isn’t with HDFC, you’ll need to reach out to their bank to get the e-FIRC instead.

Requesting credit advice

You can request credit advice by emailing both [email protected] and [email protected]

Keep in mind, there are charges to getting credit advice from HDFC:

  • If the transfer is less than a year old — 177 INR

  • If the transfer is more than a year old — 354 INR

Important to note

Export, import, trade, and business-related transfers to India are regulated under strict guidelines from the RBI and FEDAI. Please review these guidelines closely to better understand whether a FIRC can be issued for your transfer.

Remember that FDI transfers are not allowed under RDA. So, please don’t submit FIRC requests about FDI transfers using a different purpose code.