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Can I send from a joint bank account?

Yes. As long as:

  • You’re one of the account holders
  • Your name on the account matches the name on your Wedo account.

Tip: We’ll ask you to enter the name of the other bank account holder when you set up your transfer. This helps us identify that your money’s coming from a joint account.

Do I need to prove that a joint bank account is in my name?

Ordinarily, no. But banks sometimes send us the names on joint accounts incorrectly. If this happens, we’ll email you and ask for a proof of joint account document.

Your transfer will be paused until we’ve received and approved that document. We’ll normally check it within 2 working days of receiving it from you.

Tip: A proof of joint account document is either a screenshot or PDF of your joint bank statement, clearly showing your name, the bank’s name, and the account number.