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Can I send from someone else’s bank account?

In most cases, no — the name on the bank account you’re sending from has to match the name on your Wedo account.

But there are two exceptions:

You can send money from joint bank accounts

You can send money from a joint bank account as long as you’re named on the account, and that name matches the name on your Wedo account.

Tip: We’ll ask you to enter the name of the other bank account holder when you set up your transfer. This helps us identify that your money’s coming from a joint account.

You can send money from a business you represent using Wedo Business

You can send money from a business bank account on behalf of a business you represent. But you need to have a Wedo Business account. The name on the business bank account you’re using has to match the business registered with Wedo Business.

Tip: Get started with Wdoe Business to send money from a business.

If someone else has already paid for a transfer using your Wedo account, you’ll need to cancel the transfer

Unfortunately, we won’t be able to process this money, so we’ll pause your transfer. Please cancel the transfer yourself, and we’ll refund the money back to the sender’s bank account.

Tip: Learn how long a refund takes