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How do I manage my notifications?

You can manage the ways that we get in touch in the notifications tab on your settings page.

You can review and change your notifications on the website, or on the app.

There’s some things we’ll always need to tell you about, like changes to our T&Cs or your transfers. That means you can’t turn off notifications about the really important stuff.

Types of notifications

  • Your transfers and balances: Notifications about where your money is.

  • Your Wedo card: Notifications about your card transactions.

  • Currencies and features: News about our latest work. Plus tips on using Wedo.

  • Interviews, reviews, and surveys: Invites to test new products and share your thoughts.

  • Our campaigns: Updates about causes we care about. chances to get involved.

How you get notifications

  • Email: We’ll send your notifications to the email address that you’ve registered with.

  • Push: We’ll send your notifications to any device that you have installed the app on.

  • Inbox message: You’ll see an alert on the homepage when you log in to your account.