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How to find your correct JPY bank account details to receive a refund

Here are some tips for you to avoid commonly made mistakes when providing your Japanese bank account details for a refund. 

Remember, we will need the exact details registered at your bank to refund — any mismatch from your bank records will cause the refund to bounce back.

We will need the below details to refund you:

  • Account name (usually in Katakana)

  • 7 digit account number 

  • Account type — either 普通 フツウ(Futsuu) current/general, 貯蓄 チョチク(Chochiku) savings, or 当座 トウザ(Touza) checking

  • Bank name and branch — in English, Katakana, Kanji, or provide a bank or branch code

Account name

Most of the time, Japanese bank account names are registered in Katakana characters.

If you enter the account name in Latin, the bank will reject the transaction, so make sure you enter your correct full katakana name in the correct order.

How do I find my correct katakana account name?

You can find your katakana bank account name printed on the top part of the inside first page from your bankbook (通帳 ツウチョウ). However, some banks have the katakana name printed on the cover instead.

If you do not have a bankbook, then you can find the katakana name on your online bank website by accessing your account details/registration details section.

Account number

Your Japanese bank account number should not be more than 7 digits. 

How do I find my correct bank account number?

You can find it printed on the top part of the inside first page from your bankbook (通帳 ツウチョウ)

If you have a Japan Post (Yucho) bank account, the account number is listed on the bottom right corner of the first inside page of your bankbook (通帳 ツウチョウ). The 3 digit branch code will be printed on the bottom left corner.

Account type

Most of the time, Japanese bank account types are “Fustuu” (Current, 普通, フツウ)

If you have a Shinsei bank account, the English writing will be stated as Savings, but it is actually a Futsuu/Current account, so do be careful.

If you are still unsure about your correct Japanese bank account details, you can always contact your local bank or search the help center on your bank website.