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Paying by Open Banking

Open Banking is a secure and convenient way of paying for your GBP transfer. It is more convenient than manual transfer because we will redirect you straight to your bank and have all payment details pre-filled.

All you have to do is log in to your bank, select which account you want to use, and click to confirm the payment. It’s completely safe and secure and will take only a few steps to set up.

How to use Open Banking

  1. At the transfer type step select ‘’Transfer the money from your bank account’’
  2. Choose the bank you want to send the money from
  3. Click Continue to pay
  4. You’ll be taken to your bank’s website, where you’ll need to log in. You may also need to complete 2-factor authentication (like entering a code sent to your phone)
  5. Pick which account you’d like to pay from and click to confirm
  6. That’s it — we’ll do the rest

Your bank won’t share your login details or any other information with Wedo, you will simply send us a payment from your bank account in a secure and convenient way.

Paying with a QR code

If you’re using the Wedo iOS app, we will automatically open your banking app to confirm your payment. We have created a similar experience for using your web browser so that you don’t have to manually enter your login details.

  1. After you have selected your bank — choose the option to use the mobile app.
  2. Click to generate the QR code.
  3. Scan the code using the camera of your smartphone.
  4. Your banking app will be automatically opened. Log in as you normally would.
  5. Pick which account you’d like to pay from and click to pay.
  6. You also may be asked to log in to your Wedo app to confirm the payment.

After you completed the payment, you will see its status both, on your browser and in the Wedo app.

Limits to paying by Open Banking

Your bank will have a limit of sending a transfer online, they differ per bank but generally vary between £10,000 – £50,000. Click here to find out your bank’s transfer limit.

If you try to pay for a transfer that’s higher than your bank’s limit, open banking won’t be available, instead, we will guide you towards a manual bank transfer where you will be given guidance on how to pay for your transfer.