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Problems paying by bank debit (ACH) in the US

Here are some solutions to the most common problems that people have when paying by bank debit (ACH). Just choose the problem that applies to you to learn more.

I can’t log in to my bank account

If you have a problem logging into your bank account on the payment method step of setting up a transfer, try this first:

  • check that your login details are right — they should be the details you use to log in to your bank account, not your Wedo account

  • check whether your bank account allows you to sign in on third parties like Wedo — you may need to set up 2FA (2-step login) to do this

  • if you need to reset your password or give additional information to log in, you might need to get in touch with your bank

If none of those things work, choose All other banks on the payment method step. You’ll need to enter your bank account and routing numbers manually.

I paid but the money hasn’t left my account yet

It can take up to 4 business days for money to leave your bank account, depending on your bank. Just make sure you’ve authorized your payment on Wedo.

I don’t see the option to pay by bank debit (ACH)

You can only send 15,000 USD per day, or 10,000 per day if your address is in Nevada or Hawaii.

If you try to send more than this, you won’t see the option to pay by bank debit. You can always pay another way, or send several, smaller payments over a couple of days.

It says I have insufficient funds, but I have enough in my account

Your bank will check all of the debits you’ve made from your account in the last 4 business days. So, if you’ve made other payments in the last few days, it might show that you have insufficient funds.

You won’t be able to pay by bank debit (ACH) until the other payments clear. Try paying another way if you need to send money urgently, or wait a few business days.

I haven’t got the 2FA code to verify my bank login

Try getting the code by email instead. If that doesn’t work, you’ll need to get in touch with your bank to see what’s going wrong. You may need to update your details with them, or try again later.

I’ve paid from this bank account before, but now it won’t connect

Sometimes, paying from a saved bank account can cause an error. You can try paying as though you’re adding this bank account for the first time to reverify it with us.