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Sending large transfers to Brazil

When you send money to Brazil, there are local and federal regulations that Wedo must comply with. If you send over 10,000 USD (or equivalent in BRL) in a single transfer or over 365 days, you or your recipient may need to send extra documents. You can be asked to resend documentation at any time.

How does it work?

Once you’ve set up a new transfer to BRL, we’ll process the money and send it out to our banking partner in Brazil.

Your transfer will show as completed on your Activity, but our banking partner will hold the money and get in touch with you, or your recipient, for additional documents. They’ll need these documents before they can send the money to your recipient.

Make sure to give the correct phone number and email address, for yourself and your recipient, when you set up your transfer.

As soon as they receive the documents and verifies them, they’ll release the money to your recipient.

Who can I send BRL to?

You can only send BRL to personal bank accounts in Brazil and only for the following purposes:

  • Maintenance of residents: You are sending BRL to support your family members who are Brazilian residents; you’ll be asked to provide a proof of kinship.
  • Availability of your own funds: You are sending money to yourself, to be used by you in Brazil.
  • Purchasing real estate or land directly from a seller: You’ll be asked to provide a complete sales agreement with all signatures. But, if the seller is a Real Estate company or agent — we can’t process your transfer.

Why was my transfer canceled and refunded?

There are different scenarios in which the transfer can be cancelled and refunded. These are the most common.

You can’t provide the documents requested

If you can’t provide the documentation needed, then we can’t process your transfer. You’ll need to contact us and we’ll initiate a refund.