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Sending money from Australia with PayID

PayID is an easy way to send and receive money from Australia. Normally, BSB and account numbers must be shared to send or receive a bank transfer. But with PayID, only the recipient’s unique mobile number, email address, or ABN need to be used.

You don’t need to have a PayID to send money, but your bank must have the PayID feature available. Here’s a list of banks that allow PayID.

Paying for your transfer with PayID

When you send Australian dollars (AUD) with Wedo, you can select PayID as your payment method. Here’s how.

    1. Set up your transfer from AUD
    2. Choose the PayID option
    3. Log in to your online bank or banking app
    4. Choose Pay by email address
    5. Transfer the exact amount to your unique PayID email

Your first payment using PayID to Wedo may get delayed while your bank verifies the payment. This is usually with a simple phone call or SMS text message.

After your first payment is verified by your bank, your future payments should be instant. If your PayID payments are not reflecting on Wedo, you should contact your bank to check if they’ve sent your money yet.